GENECON, the leader company in bio-genetic products for your home, launches the 240, the first clone kid in History. The 240 is a clone kid mass-produced and sold in a package with easy-open. All of the 240 come equipped with an IQ of 240 points, fully guaranteed!

Now, with the 240 it is so very easy and quick to have a child: just open and deliver!
Format: animation TV series for an adult target.

Duration: 30x4'  
Technique: vectorial animation    
Coproducers: Catalan TV (TVC)  and YANQUIPAY  
Financial support: ICEC-Catalan Government  
Production company: YANQUIPAY    
Concept art, script and direction: Vicent Arlandis    
Music: Flow Audio  and Vicent Arlandis    
Distribution worldwide: