'Família.cat' / 'Perfect Teeth'  (2012)                            


Perfect Teeth' is an acid comedy sitcom about daily life in a middle-class family.

Format: animation TV series for an adult target.

Duration: 13 episodes x 11 min.  
Idea, original design, concept and direction: Vicent Arlandis Script: Enric Pardo, EL TERRAT    
Music: El Petit de Cal Eril  
Technique: vectorial animation

Coproducers: Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) and YANQUIPAY  
Financial supporters: ICEC (Catalan Government) and ICAA (Spanish Ministery of Culture)    
Production company: YANQUIPAY 
See other chapters here: www.tv3.cat/familia
Distribution worldwide: Planeta Junior (Grupo PLANETA) www.planeta.es